Salient Features of NIRF

  • The methodology designed to calculate NIRF metrics considers all major parameters/ indicators used globally to rank education institutions for innovation output. Additionally, NIRF also measures some parameters which are India specific considering the current scenario and status of higher education in India.
  • The NIRF parameters are primarily organized in major broad parameters with 7 indicators which are further elaborated into suitable sub-heads. Each broad head has an overall weight assigned to it. Within each head, the various sub-heads also have an appropriate weight distribution.
  • To ensure transparency in ranking system, an attempt is also made to identify the relevant data needed to suitably measure the performance score under each sub-head. Emphasis here is on identifying data that the institution can easily provide or is easy to obtain from third party sources and easily verifiable, wherever verification is needed. The overall score is computed based on the weights allotted to each head.
  • The overall score can take a maximum value of 100.
  • The institutions will be rank-ordered based on their scores.

Eligibility Criteria of NIRF

All recognized Higher Educational Institutions of India are eligible to participate in the NIRF ranking.

NIRF-Innovation Framework 2023  Download Here